I Engage

I Engage

One of the things I enjoy is to engage with young women. So, once a quarter, I host a "Girls Lunch with Dr Lulu". We sit, eat, talk, question, laugh, and share experiences about life in general.

When we settled on “Women’s Health and Bodies” as the theme of the Girls Lunch of the 15th September, I knew this was a critical subject for young women. But, to be honest, I did not anticipate the energy and excitement it would generate in that room of 40 young women. Of course, with our knowledgeable, professional, generous and “cool” guests, we were bound to go way beyond the 17h00 deadline. I am not joking. We were literally thrown out of the venue at 18h40. As they say, ultimately the own thing you really own, is your health (and if I may add, your body). So, if we are serious about women’s empowerment, it is critical that we empower girls and young women to take charge of their health and their bodies. This is all the way from when to do that pap smear; to the correct technique for effective squats; to sun screen; to how to identify the right foundation; to how to dress for that body shape. It’s a lot, but it’s all about taking care of one’s health and body!

15 September 2018|10 Bompas Hotel

Venue review by Tshegofatso Senne

10 Bompas Hotel

An unexpectedly quiet and tranquil space, 10 Bompas Hotel is in the upmarket neighbourhood of Dunkeld. The design-focused, all-suite hotel was a perfect place to host one of Dr Gwagwa’s Girl’s Lunches. The beautifully landscaped garden was a wonderful backdrop for our mini photo shoot. A selfie haven. The fruit platters were a delightful way to begin a day focusing on holistic wellness. We dug into fresh fruit and enjoyed tea and bubbles – we are a dynamic group of women. Almost as though planned, each course accompanied a new speaker, allowing us to dive into each while also doing some deep introspection with Dr Tshidi Gule; squats with Mamo Maloka; linked wellness to the health of our skin with Dr Minoka Nadesan; and channelled our confidence boldly with make-up artist Khanyisile Masuku; and image consultant Elinah Mangena. Hungry, we polished off our starters. There is no melodrama in my tone as I say that the ricotta gnocchi with Grana Padiano, field mushrooms and roasted butternut was the best thing I had eaten that week. My main course was absolutely mouth-watering, a tender piece of sole resting on a pea risotto. I couldn’t have chosen a better meal for such a warm Spring day. The freshness of the meal was a certain win. Those who opted for the roast duck seemed to be slightly disappointed. But the smiles on the faces around the room never did fade, which gives the space a thumbs up for its ambience, though not as much for the meals. It’s unfortunate but of the full experience, the food was the redeeming quality while the service left much to be desired. Wait staff often forgot or mixed up the orders placed, interrupting the proceedings. However, I can’t say it was enough to cloud the total experience of the space. The space itself was beautifully decorated, with art that drew you in and nooks and crannies that felt warm and comfortable. I may not have much of a sweet tooth but the strawberry, honey parfait and vanilla shortbread was a welcome end to a divine meal. A beautifully balanced, not too sweet dish with a necessary crunch was exactly the stamp I needed to return to the venue. I would give it a solid 3/5.

Guest Feedback

Dr Minoka Nadesan

“I was so honoured to be apart of such an amazing event. The room was filled with beautiful powerful women. Events like these, do not happen often and for that I would like to applaud Dr Lulu . Such a beautiful soul and a remarkable woman who is giving back in the greatest way. This event brought women from different backgrounds together to share life events and knowledge to uplift one another . Truly a very special event and I was thrilled when I was asked to be a speaker. DR Lulu  truly inspires me,  as a business woman , mom and wife she finds time to organise such events to empower young females. Making a difference in society and engraving her mark of greatness. I was blessed and humbled to present and share a few tips on skin but I picked up a few life lessons from the others speakers . We have so many roles to play in our daily lives, identifying a few skills to make life easier is of paramount importance. Thank you for including me . Love always Minoka”

Elinah Mangena

“Thank you again for inviting me to be part of the Girls Lunch meeting. Girls lunch is platform that shade light to the lives of young women. The topics shared were relevant to what young women need and are facing and how they can deal with challenges that have to do , healthy, wellness and beauty. The group was quite interactive and they were open to sharing their  thoughts on the topics.”

Khanyisile Masuku

“Thank you for inviting me to be part of the Girls’s Lunch, for the opportunity to engage with the Ladies and share my knowledge about Makeup and beauty .It was an amazing event filled with so much knowledge. The speakers were great ,I think I took more from them than what I could have possibly given, I’ve learnt that we need to take care of ourselves inside and out, stay true to who we are. We are truly blessed to have people like Dr Lulu Gwagwa Who create space for Women to bare it all. May you continue to lift women up. Wishing you the very best in all your future endeavours and once again thank you.”

Mamo Maloka

“As they say sharing is caring. As a Fitness and Weight Management coach I educate everyday of my life and it makes me happy to see someone transforminf his/her life inside-out. Girls Lunch with Dr Gwagwa is one of the best initiative that is highly required across the world. You could see that the girls were also happy and hungry for more practical information. Wish I had such opportunity when I was at their age. Well done to you Anastacia and Dr Gwagwa for facilitating the lunch with so much enthusiasm and love. Let this initiative grow to reach more young girls and those that have more financial muscles to come on board as well. God bless you and keep up the good work.”