As I See It

As I See It

Layering an eye of an aspirant photographer over my mature development planner’s eye has given me new lenses through which to view the “happenings” around me. During my spare time I capture some of these images.

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Perilous Poverty

When someone jumps into an overloaded mini-bus and a neighbour’s unroadworthy vehicle or loads their precious child at the back of a smoking bakkie, you know they don’t an option. This is reality of many rural South Africans. At best these vehicles can be called perilous, at worst they are nothing short of death traps. They are simply accidents waiting to happen!

Do you ever sit and think about what it must feel like to have no choice but to live a life full of accidents waiting to happen?

Can we, the privileged, honestly (with hands in our hearts) say that it is an ‘accident’ when people die in these dreadful and damned vehicles?